Real Thing Team

The Team at Real Thing is comprised of a strong mix of technical expertise, management experience and proven entrepreneurial skills.

  • Nick Howden CEO

    Nick has worked on commercialising leading edge software and technology for more than 14 years. He has extensive management and sales experience in intelligent software, simulation and training in the Defence, Emergency Management and Healthcare markets, and more recently in interactive software for toys and accessibility. Prior to his role with Real Thing, Nick ran a Professional Services group within CAE, an international simulation and training organisation. Having collaborated with several universities on R&D programs, he has a good track record of balancing the competing goals of Industry and Academia. Nick is passionate about creating and selling great products.

  • Silvio Salom Chairman

    Silvio founded Adacel Technologies and Lochard Limited and led their global success, creating over a 1000 jobs and generating over $700M in revenue over the last 10 years. At Adacel, Silvio spearheaded numerous relevant programs at including Voice Recognition and Synthesis Systems as applied to Air Traffic Control and Fighter Pilots as well as automated Machine Translation System for the Australian Department of Defence and subsequently an on-line translation service. Under his leadership, in each case the technology was developed, deployed and commercialized gaining significant global market share.

  • Joseph Bruzzaniti Director

    Joseph has many years of experience in the development of technology, as founder of Learning Seat (a Melbourne based e-learning company, acquired in 2006 by News Corporation) and IMR/Red Sheriff (a Melbourne company which expanded globally before being acquired by AC Nielsen).

  • Lawrence Paratz Director

    Lawrence has more than 30 years experience in all facets of the telecommunication industries both domestically and internationally. As a Director and Chief Executive of Acacia Australia, he was responsible for development of an integrated proposal for delivery of national broadband communication for Australia. He is a Director of Maxis Communication Berhad, Chairman of the Technology Committee of the Board and a former senior executive of Telstra Corporation. Lawrence has had executive responsibility for multi- billion dollar programs and integrations. He previously served as a member of the Board of the Australian Government’s Internet Assistance Program, and was formerly Chairman of the On-Trac@PeterMac Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Programme.

  • Andrew Hodgson CTO

    Andrew has over 25 years experience is developing and applying R&D. He founded  Agent Oriented Software and led the development of it core technology (JACK) which is still the leading commercial agent platform. Andrew has worked in senior roles for CSIRO, The Preston Group, Australian Artificial Intelligent Institute and Siemens Research. He has a proven track record of taking laboratory research and applying to solve real world problems.

  • Dr Ralph Ronnquist

    Ralph has over 30 years experience in the application of front-line technology, including the development of several successful intelligent agent systems in a world-wide consulting role. His recent work includes audio processing for the purpose of sound source separation, and voiced language processing for the purpose of topic directed focus in dialogue.