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RealSAM – your accessible media assistant

RealSAM device

Check out our new RealSAM website:

Meet RealSAM, Real Thing’s media accessibility assistant. Sam uses natural, interactive dialogue to navigate and interact with media content, and is easy to use for people who are blind, have low vision or a print disability. RealSAM provides access to Australia’s major newspapers, in collaboration with the Vision Australia Library.  RealSAM is currently available, phone our help centre on: 1300 557 350.

Access to media through natural dialogue

Real Thing’s technology enables people who are blind, have low vision or a print disability to search, navigate and interact with media content using natural dialogue. Australians with a print disability can now have access to all the same media as the broader community, bringing a greater sense of inclusion and equity.

Using sam

RealSAM is built upon proprietary dialogue software that allows a user to interact with their device using natural language, with an artificial intelligence engine guiding them to the content they desire. It allows people to:

  • Find and have played to them radio programs and podcasts.
  • Browse, search and have read to them (using natural, realistic human voice synthesis) news and other written media.
  • Quickly and intuitively access online media using natural dialogue interaction to navigate huge content libraries.

How does RealSAM help?

Accessibility & Equity: people who are blind, have low-vision or a print disability can easily search, navigate and interact with media content using natural speech and dialogue.

Mobility: browse media, select and listen to news or podcasts hands free or while doing another task.

Speed & Ease: speak to an intelligent domain expert with personality who can quickly find the desired content – much quicker than type and swipe.

Personalisation: knows what you like and helps to navigate and filter content.

Contact us for more information.