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jConvert – Java Cross Compiler

jConvert provides you with a migration path to non-Java platforms – it can assist with:

  • App migration from Android to iOS.
  • Secure delivery of Java software as an executable.
  • Utilization of Java on certified platforms.

jConvert features:

  • Converts Java class files directly.
  • No source access required – can convert third party libraries.
  • Low maintenance – your code continues to work, even when the JDK is updated.
  • High security: obfuscates your Java applications to prevent decompilation

jConvert is a Tool Suite enabling the migration of Java software to a platform lacking a Java Virtual Machine, such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad, and other iOS devices. jConvert consists of the following elements:

  • jConvert Translator translates your Java classes into corresponding C source files, which you compile and collate into C libraries. This acts as a cross-compiler that generates C functions from the Java methods, implementing those methods natively within the jConvert execution framework.
  • jConvert Closure Generator analyses your application needs, and generates the C source file that defines this, not including any unreferenced code. The closure definition includes all static data initialization, and all link symbols needed so as to aggregate all required object modules from the libraries. This analysis ensures that the resulting C code is as small and efficient as possible.
  • jConvert Execution Platform provides the essential sub systems for the Java sourced execution as C code. In particular, it includes memory management with asynchronous garbage collection that provides the complete Java object life-time and finalization, and thread administration (using POSIX threads).
  • jConvert Java Platform is based on a slightly modified OpenJDK 6, with some reimplementation of standard methods for efficiency, then translated into C (using jConvert of course!)

In short, jConvert lets you migrate your Java solution to be an equivalent C solution, with native implementations for interfacing with your C, Objective C or C++ code.