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Trials begin of prototype accessible media device

Real Thing has begun user trials of its prototype device for people who are blind, have low vision or a print disability to access digital news, using a natural dialogue interaction. A number of blind and low vision users are now accessing their daily newspapers by speaking to Sam – Real Thing’s accessible media device.

Real Thing accessible media device

Real Thing's accessible media device

“The feedback so far has been very positive”, says Nick Howden, Real Thing CEO. “In particular our non-technical users are enjoying the simplicity and intuitive dialogue that they can now use to read their daily newspapers.”

This first trial will run for a month, and is testing the access to news content. Currently it makes available a number of local and national newspapers from the Vision Australia library, as well as the ABC News feed which is updated regularly. This trial will be followed by more trials featuring additional media types, including radio podcasts and audiobooks.

“The vision for this product is to be the single device through which people can access a huge range of media and information”, Nick said. “It makes this information accessible to people who are blind or low vision, and is useful for anyone who wants to listen to media while their hands or eyes are occupied.”

More information is available on the RealSAM web page at